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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  February 26, 2011 7:00am-10:00am EST

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>>alisyn: good morning, everyone, on saturday, february 26th. we start with a fox news alert, the unrest in libya is a national security threat to the united states. and the white house slapping sanctions on libya to try to get muammar qaddafi under control. will we see the end of the libyan leader? >> and wisconsin's governor giving state democrats an ultimatum saying they need to return or he will send pink slips to public employees. >>clayton: a year after a killer whale killed a trainer,
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trainers are ready to get back in the water. is it safe? one man says for. hour two rolls on for "fox and friends" right now. >>alisyn: good morning, everyone. are you going to go fishing? >>clayton: spring is around the corner but we have to go outside and we have a guy that 10 brilliant fisherman has won the bass classic four times and we will talk about that. they have the fishing thing set up. i have waders and long underwater. >>alisyn: the only waders i like are the ones you "tip." and now, peter is here for dave
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on is vacationing. and blood shed and the u.n. estimates up to 1,000 people may have been killed by deaf's -- muammar qaddafi's mercenaries and it is horrible situation. >>clayton: what is happening right as we are on the air right now and what just moved, a son has confirmed, his son, has confirmed that troops, his own muammar qaddafi troops have fired and opened up shooting missiles, and opening up fire, on civilians. and they said that has not happened to this point. and now you understand why president obama has called on libya to stop this incredible violence and is calling on the national interests of the united states saying we need to put sanctions on libya, freeze the assets of the muammar qaddafi family, the three sons and the daughter. and, little did we know, people may have forgotten, the family has a house in new jersey, a house in new jersey.
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which would be subject. what does that mean? so they would not have access? they would not have access to it and it is frozen? would there be armed guards? >>peter: an order would be attached to the house and it would be padlocked and not be allowed to be an asset of muammar qaddafi or libya. but this is in the wake of some people being critical of the united states' response to libya. the united states is saying, well, we did not want to upthe gun and put our american citizens at risk but we know the united kingdom sent the military vessel to reof my -- to remove their citizens from the country. and the united nations' ambassador was not present from the united states at the u.n. for the security council discussion on this important issue. >>alisyn: the white house said they did not want to jeopardize the 600 americans still inside tripoli until they got out. so, yesterday they get out and the president issued that executive order which had strong
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language about what muammar qaddafi is doing and how horrible it is and what he is doing to his people. they also took the step of freezing qaddafi's assets and we know before that happened he managed to deposit $4.8 billion into london, perhaps to protects the little assets he had remaining. >>clayton: a guy in london brokered through a swiss bank said when they found out who the money belonged to said, no thanks, no, we don't want anything to do with it because i don't want to be responsible for having, carrying money for someone with blood on their hands and the money was frozen. but that did not stop it because now the money has been sent around the world into all kinds of different bank accounts. >>alisyn: and, beautiful mansion we saw in new jersey where we showed pictures that is a 2-room mansion and he has, i cannot believe this number, a
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$16 billion mansion in london that is also being frozen. that public is astounding. but he has properties, commercial prosecutes, and he has billions stashed in different places. >>clayton: and 600 americans were trapped that may have been, could have been hostages if there was a hostage situation and the u.s. chartered a ferry to get americans out of libya, going to malta, and listen to some of the passengers on the vessel and they are worried about family members who are still trapped. take a listen. >> we still are very sad because we have family in libya. they are stuck and cannot get out. he is killing them. he is, they say he has chemical weapons. he could ... he is worse than saddam. he could do anything. he could bomb the whole of libya. he doesn't care. he is mad. him and his sons.
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ridiculous. he needs to be stopped. >> i have friends standing on the streets and mercenaries came around and i had a group of friends, three, they were shot down. killed. >>clayton: not just the mercenaries but we are learning of the civilians who do support qaddafi, have been armed by him. >>alisyn: that is what the associated press is reporting and the big fear is that he will somehow use biological or chemical weapons. >>clayton: we will speak to experts later on the show and by the end of the week, will he still be if power? there are people literally trying to take tripoli, off six generals are trying to take tripoli. >>peter: and one town has been taken as well as benghazi taken by the citizens. allegation we will bring you the latest through the show. and an attack at iraq's largest
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refinery and to employees were killed when militants stormed the refinery setting off bombs inside the plant sparking a fire. the refinery processes 150,000 barrel as day suffered significant damage and shut down for now. the george says he moved to america with a goal: to shed american blood but now a student is pleading "not guilty," and the suspect entered the plea before a federal court judge in texas yesterday and the 20 -year-old has been living in next tore a student visa for two years. authorities say that he already bought the explosives online and was planning on hiding them in dolls, to carry out the attack. and he will be back in court for another hearing next month. form president george w. bush standing against wikileaks, and he canceled the address at a conference in denver after wikileaks founder julian
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assange addressed the group by satellite. president bush said he had no interest in sharing a stage with a man what has done so much harm to merge and the crew of "discovery" getting their wake-up call. ♪ round up ♪ what is round up clay i am sure the crew slept in later than we did. allegation they will dock with the international space station and will do first a back flip to check for signs of launch damage. >>clayton: that is how rick wakes up each morning. >> we are in the wrong line of work, astronauts sleep in later. check this out, winter and the cold, in texas yesterday, on the border, 97 degrees.
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and pensacola, florida, 82, and all of the areas are either breaking or tying records so there is warmth. and there are all kinds of records broken in the opposite direction across montana and north dakota. and here are the high temperatures today, still warm across the south, and maybe not as warm across across the rio grande but a lot of warm weather. the northeast has a clipper system moving through, and afternoon show across michigan and ohio and tomorrow afternoon, it is mostly across new england but we will wake up to snow across the cities once again across the northeast. and, here is the snow we have that will become the clipper system, but the bigger storm is out across the west, heavy rain this morning, between los angeles, and down to san diego and heavy snow across the higher elevations in some cases up to 2' of snow in california and we
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will watch this winter storm warning across the four corners and take a look at video from tennessee, and this storm is across the west and it will move back into the tennessee valley and two difficulties -- two days ago we had 300 reports of severe weather and massive damage in nashville and, unfortunately, sunday into monday, guys, the same storm will move back into the same area and we will see a repeat of severe weather and we will continue to watch that. back to you. >> it never ends. >> something else ended, the democrats fled wisconsin and we have been reporting that. they have not returned but yesterday governor walker said, look, they need to come back and vote. take a listen. >> i am not asking people to agree with me on every part of the budget but i am asking for 14 state senators to do what their colleagues in the assembly
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have done, have a vote. >>alisyn: the democrats did not like what happened in the assembly because the republicans won their and the democrats say they did a sneaky vote, and the governor said lay off notices could go out this coming week. >>peter: he has no choice when people do not show up for work they have been elected to be legislators so when you go to a hotel or motel or the pancake house ... >>clayton: and that sounds delicious at this hour. pert part there they are. >>clayton: they are not coming back at this hour, but, also, people saying they are not leaving the capital, the people that have been protesting at the capital, now the police, the capital police say you guys have to leave we have to clean this play up we have janitors coming in to clean up the empty pizza
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boxes and they say they are not going anywhere. >>peter: this is vile. what is this, facebook central? they have covered the capital with posters on the walls, they are sleeping on the floors, do you think there are enough restrooms in that facility? what is the point? >>clayton: they say this is the people's house, we pay taxes and we can come here. >>peter: you do not move until you are invited. you say, well, you have a demonstration, but, don't live here. >>alisyn: the capital police are going do clean up the coolers and the sleeping bags. >>clayton: i am moving in to your house, peter. >>peter: you can move in. >>alisyn: is president obama being tough enough on qaddafi? [ bob ] i'd love to build bird houses for the rest of my life.
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>>clayton: welcome back to "fox and friends", libyan leader muammar qaddafi is arming civilian supporters. president obama has come out and cut off military cooperation to libya and frozen the family assets but are sanctions enough? >>peter: we have the founder of and national security advisor for the christian action network. ryan, what should we be doing right now in libya? >>guest: the united states
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needs to support the report of a secular government so they can organize and govern from the areas that have been liberated and incorporate the military personnel into court forces to build the new libyan armed forces. >>clayton: how? we are talking from a burden's eye or 20,000' view? does that mean invasion? a diplomatic group that heads to lib why to negotiate this? how? >>guest: that would be diplomatic and it would involve oversupport. that is what the libyan people want. i saw an interview the other day on another network where a libyan woman and fighting back tears said president obama help us and the libyan arch to the u.s. has said the current stand is reinforcing anti-american propaganda for human rights. >>peter: should there be a no fly step -- zone and what does
7:18 am
that do? >>guest: over 200 arab organizations have now endorsed what is called the for fly zone with international community saying no fighter jets or helicopter gun ships in the sky and if they do they hit the ground. >>clayton: why isn't the united states if support of a no-fly zone? we had one over iraq and we were worried about saddam and we now have evidence of what he is doing to his people, aircraft killing protest and helicopter gun ships open up. why not support no-fly zone? >>guest: a concern of public opinion and the impression that the sons acting again aggressive and there could be a national backlash but in reality the national backlash is happening because we are not involved. >>peter: we only opened relations with libya three years ago based on their past history. so we do not have the same type of on the ground intelligence as
7:19 am
we did if egypt. who will take over after strong man muammar qaddafi leaves? is this another muslim brotherhood situation? that people are fearful of. >>guest: when a secular dictatorship falls, muslim brotherhood have more freedom so we need to endorse secular government so they could organize. there is no sign the muslim brotherhood is engineering this but a revolution of liberty and freedom and fighting against injustice. >>clayton: thank you, ryan, for joining us. coming you on the show a government shut down will not happen not now. the g.o.p. has a plan in place to float the government with a live report ahead. can getting enough vegetables make you feel good?
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>>clayton: and now the news. $3.30 is the average for a gallon of regular according to aaa63 cents higher than a year ago. next up, 3-d, intend oh launches the new hand held today, but only in japan. it will be released in the united states next month. it is fantastic. and $1 billion is how much "2 1/2 men," will make if reruns even though production was stopped. charlie sheen will still be getting a big fat paycheck. i saw that last night and i was flipping through tnt and a promotion for the show.
7:24 am
>>alisyn: the last thing he needs is a big fat paycheck. and now, we will talk about an important issue, the stalemate over the budget with a possible compromise averting a government shut down. for now. pert is live in washington. what are the details? >>reporter: march 4th may no longer be the day the government runs out of money if congress can get together and vote on a new g.o.p. proposal from the house that extends that deadline two weeks to march 18 while cutting $4 billion in spending and, to get democrats on board with the cuts the g.o.p. is trying to get rid of things the president wanted to cut in his budget proposal and the president said, today, in the weekly address, he hopes both sides find common ground and make a deal. >> given that i urge and spent them to find common ground so we can accelerate and not impede the economic growth. it will not be easy. there will be plenty of debate
7:25 am
and disagreement. and neither party gets everything it wants. both sides will have to compromise. >> cuts include $2.7 in earmarks and $650 million to the federal highway administration and $468 million to the education department and $30 million for a building at the smithsonian and $29 million for helping farmers get high-speed internet. the g.o.p. address made clear republicans do not want to shut down the government but spend has to be dramatically cut. >> our goal as republicans is to make sensible reductions in the spending and create a better environment for job growth not to shut down the government. getting our debt and deficits under control is the first step we can take, and the system most important step washington can take to get our economy moving, and create the jobs we so badly need. >>clayton: according to a new poll 60 percent of americans want to avoid a government shut down even if it means passing a
7:26 am
budget they do not like. back to new york. >>alisyn: interesting poll. thank you, peter. >>clayton: we are hear a lot of you saying, shut down the government because we do not want the government spending money it does not make. >>alisyn: we remember from 1995,st that mean we do not get our mail? it is hard to predict what will happen. >>clayton: he was shot nine times while serving his country in war and he is heckled by fellow classmates at columbia university. should the behavior be punished? stay tuned. ♪ [ folk pop ]
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lease the all-new 2011 jetta s for $179 a month. ♪ >>alisyn: thank you for joining us on saturday morning, and now for the vacationing dave, single ladies out there, we want to hear from you.
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>>clayton: we have a special e-mail address for single ladies. pert part over. over. >>alisyn: have you been picking up the tab on dates because there is a new study suggesting that women earn more than men and have to pay the bill more than men. >>clayton: the study looked at how single women in the united states right now are making more money, given the recession and we heard about a lot of jobs and women in their 20's and not just if new york city but around the country have been making more money. so, now, the question falls to them as to when they go out to dinner it is looks upon, well, maybe i should pick up the tab and the men sitting back saying, i don't really have the money, and i'm out of work right now. >>alisyn: but this guy who has her in a death grip. she is not getting away. but, what do you think about this? it changes social situations,
7:32 am
men used to do the providing and taking women on dates but, it says that women have changed their priorities and they no longer look for someone with a big paycheck but someone they can confide in, they can trust and who respects them. >>peter: and the other question is, are they getting more dates because they pay more often? >>clayton: maybe the flip side. you have ladies night at the bars, right, and the women go on a tuesday or whatever then are, i don't know when they are, but, they make money, right? so it seems to be that could be a smart move. women go to bars and get free drinks because men buy them. people are writing in. kathleen writes "if a man asks a woman out he is responsible for the tab, and if a woman asks a man out she should, wages don't matter." >>peter: good rule. >>alisyn: she solved the entire problem. >>peter: equal protection on
7:33 am
dating. >>clayton: let us know what you think on fox& and on twitter. >>alisyn: a c.i.a. contractor accused of murdering two pakistans refused to sign allegations against him, and, instead, he showed up in court and gave the court a written notice declaring diplomatic immunity and washington says he is immune from prosecution because he is listed as a embassy staff member and he claim he shot them in self-defense when they tried to rob him last month. defense secretary says the u.s. should avoid future land wars like afghanistan and iraq and saying we should not forget the lesson learned in the conflict and is ready to step down this year. and it is called the wal-mart of weed, a store has accessories for growing and smoking legal medical marijuana opens today in sacramento, california, called "we grow," did not sell pot but
7:34 am
it sells fertilizer, growing lights and has a staff trained to answer your pot-growing questions. the owners will expand in locations in oregon, new jersey, naturally, and arizona, and colorado, in the new year. and in michigan a mom could be headed to jail after driving her daughter to a fight. police say the woman drove her daughter to confront another teen girl over an issue with a boyfriend. on the way she picked up coworkers from detroit and someone fired a gun into the air outside the boyfriend's home before they fled the scene. >> i went over there thinking that the two young girls who fight, the girl is 17 and my daughter is 14 and i thought it wouldnd one-on-one and get it over with and it escalated. >>alisyn: i am not sure that explanation helped her case. but i am no lawyer. >>peter: you hit it on the head. >>alisyn: she is looking at 90 days if jail if convicted.
7:35 am
and now a check on the weather. what is it like? >>guest: chili, we have winter weather, we are still if february but hitting the edge. michelle, in arizona, beautiful, and a bunch more snow coming to week, send me your pictures or put them on my facebook page to share them with you. a lot of snow across the areas of the west, and for much of the week we will deal with a lot more, again, for this weekend. and here are the temperatures, the cold air is settled in across the northern plains and minus seven in rapid city as you wake up, and zero in minneapolis, and in seattle, 20 degrees in seattle, so extreme cold this, and 37 in san francisco, and a lot of the areas breaking records for low temperatures. and now a look at the radar, we have a system moving across the plains and the great lakes and that is going to move into a clipper system tonight and tomorrow morning and across the
7:36 am
northeast. but the bigger storm is across parts of west and heavy rain from los angeles to san diego, and very heavy snow falling in the higher elevations, and some places will see a couple of feet of snow, and moving forward and a look at the next map, the high temperatures, today, still warm across much of the south, not as warm as yesterday and across parts of texas but tomorrow the temperatures will climb and back into the 80's and 90's, and across parts of the west, very cool, only getting to 57 tomorrow in los angeles, and 53 in san francisco and warming up in the east. >>clayton: we are outside and it is getting fishing weather, for coffee -- kevin it is always fishing weather. great to have you. the big bass pro shop spring fishing classic is going on right now at stores across the country. what does that mean? >>guest: it is the biggest event of our sport, a super
7:37 am
bowl, so, being able to win it, i woman it last year, and was able to win it last week, and it was awesome. >>clayton: this blows my mind, you and one of your fish, you beat it by 15 points 69.11 pound bass -- no, that was the total for three days. i didn't realize this, fishermen keep secrets. >>guest: i don't want the guys around me knowing what is going on so you will actually have people out there watching you trying to see what you are using and see what you have tied on the rod. >>clayton: we convinced kevin to give up some of your secrets, and a lot of the things you can buy at the pro shops and there are four items you used.
7:38 am
a signature series carbon. >>guest: i have developed products to help me win with the best lures, and this is great fishing line, invisible to the fish, sensitive, and it makes a big difference in the number of bites you get much the lures we use, i use this bait, and it is a sexy color. >> no one has described shad as sexy. this is bait, my money bait in the best masters classic. >> these are not the ones that clack around but they drag along with two hooks on the back. >>guest: 1.5. and they wobble along. >> and you used this to win? >> yes throwing it out and banging this bait into the stumps and the bass would react.
7:39 am
if they did not want to eat they reacted they were forced to bite. >> you fooled with that are instincts? >> yes. i have my own signature reel. >> you could not necessarily have to spend hundreds on a reel? >> the great thing about bass shops they have the gear no matter what level you are and the people that can listen you. if you are a first time beneficiarier men you can walk into the bass pro shop and they will help you and get you started and in your area, that is the great thing about our stores, the guys know that area and they can tell you where to go, what to fish for, and a lot of places, people may want to go trout fishing and they can help you out no matter what you want to fish. >> i went to a bass pro shop and i didn't know anything about this lake and this is education
7:40 am
there, and there are lily pads and they knew what type of fish would be there, including sunfish. >>guest: they fixed you up with the equipment you needed and that is the exciting thing about this weekend, and we have over 70pros at the stores and there are free seminars and they are available for everyone whether you are a first timer or a seasoned pro you will get something. they will teach you all the techniques and lures you need to know all across the country. >>clayton: we have fish and you will show some trout and catfish. >>clayton: and maybe we will get ali out here. >>alisyn: thank you very much. and he put his life on the line for this country but was heckled at columbia university. some say the heckling was not isolated incident. pert part -- >>peter:
7:41 am
seaworld trainers were pulled out of the tanks after a killer whale killed a trainer. but now they are putting the trainers back in the water. is it still dangerous? one man has proofer it is dangerous. stay tuned. like the pros you gotta wake up early like the pros. here's a tip. use a reliable alarm clock. (rooster: squawking) check out the bass pro shops spring fishing classic with free seminars by top pros this weekend. how'd you do that? do what?
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porter -- >>peter: in 20 minutes, the democratic committee will kickoff the final meeting in washington hearing from the current white house chief of staff and check this out, you are watching the official debut of the nano
7:45 am
hummingbird, a spy camera that weighs next to nothing and can fly in every direction. the drone is in the testing phase and was reportedly designed for the pentagon. ali? allyally he was severely injured after being shot nine times fighting in iraq but when he tried to speak about rotc at a townhall at columbia university he did not receive a warm welcome. all it doesn't matter how you feel about war or fighting, other parts of the country or the world are plotting to kill you right now when go to bed. >>alisyn: we heard from anthony about what happened with the heckleing on "fox and friends" on thursday. >>guest: people that were him -- heckling, i fought for that
7:46 am
right of their opinion. >>alisyn: i am joined by president of the u.s. military veterans of colombia university. good morning. was that one bad apple in the audience or is it more common? >>guest: as far as colombia it is the only incident i am aware of but this has happened i am sure throughout the country. >>alisyn: what do you think the reception is at columbia university of returning veterans and soldiers? >>guest: my experience of most veterans that we have been welcomed with warm regard and this is the only insurance department i am aware of where it has been this nasty and we condemn the actions. >>alisyn: the's the university said our campus came together to make sure columbia is committed to treating every person with respect and that includes our many student veterans whose service we on. does that go far enough? >>guest: i believe that it is
7:47 am
their right to be able to speak out. however, their immature actions, if my mind are unacceptable and they should issue an apology. >>alisyn: the president of the university also got a verbal message through someone to the veteran would was heckled. should he have said something more publicly? >>guest: that is the discretion of president. that's his discretion. it would be nice if he made a public statement, it would be mice and i am sure anthony would feel better. >>alisyn: in juxtaposition to how the president of colombia acted when the president of iran, idea idea came, and the president of colombia gave him a public introduction and supported his appearance so why not make a public statement at a podium in support of this heckled veteran?
7:48 am
>>guest: the incident with ahmadinejad was a bit different if that it was a public forum and this was the university senate student-run discussion. however, i to believe this is something this should be addressed and he can get, he can speak about it and have a public forum concerning this issue especially bringing back rotc, this is an instrumental time at colombia trying to bridge the gap between the civil and military so it is not a bad idea to hold a public forum and speak of the incident and how the university feels toward the veterans and the rotc. >>alisyn: what do you want to say to those students would heckled your colleague and who may not really understand what you are fighting for? >>guest: i want to say that we fought forrite right to be able to heckle. however, you should do a bit of research and get to understand exactly what this veteran went through when he fought and bled
7:49 am
for your right to execute the heckling that you did. it's unfortunate and you should take a good hard look at yourself and think about how that would feel if you were in that position especially being a disabled veteran. >>alisyn: absolutely all the sacrifices he made from the u.s. military veterans at colombia thank you for coming. after a trainer was drowned by a kill are whale, seaworld trainers were pulled from the tank but now exactly a year later, they are considering letting them slowly back in. well, our next guest says he has proof that it is not safe. and libya's muammar qaddafi offering to now arm his supporters as protesters are gunned down in the streets.
7:50 am
♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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>>clayton: since a seaworld trainer was killed by a wail, trainers have not been allowed in the water with killer whales. there is an investigation underway but on one year anniversary of the trainer's death seaworld is allowing the trainers back if the tanks. >> a journalist has been investigating the tragedy and has a book coming out about it. david, welcome. you have been investigating the conditions of the trainers and the whale. >>guest: i have talked to scientist and they say the captivity is stressful on the animals, they are very large, they are predators, they are
7:54 am
attached to their families and intelligent. you remove them from the pods and put them in small tanks, and do not allow them to swim 100 miles a day, they become stressed out and some of them according to the scientists become unhinged. >> and osha, according to them, seaworld has been trying to keep some of the court documents sealed after the death of the trainer and seaworld has a history of dangerous attacks and this is what they say. it is their position the allegations contained in the citation are unsupported, and this is what they say, by evidence or precedent and reflect a fundamental lack of understanding of the safety requirements associated with marine mammal care. what do you make of the differing points of view? >>guest: this will be resolved in court april 25th and seaworld is trying to keep the public out of the hearing. so, i would very much, seaworld has every right to present its evidence in court, but as a journalist i would like
7:55 am
to hear the evidence presented to the people. osha has a good point, they have been investigating this for a long time and they found 75 serious incidents involving trainers with killer whales. sea world has managed to keep them quiet. four people have died. and, again, the stress of captivity according to the scientists is so great open the whales they act out. >> and it is interesting because you say from what you have learned that the death of the train are was not an accident, it was murdered. what do you mean? >>guest: this was an intentional act, that the whale who had been involved in three other deaths, two other deaths, deliberately pulled her down into the water. i will not go into the grew some details out of respect for her family, but if you read the police report, if you read the autopsy report, he mauled her and did not just play with her, and she joined. >> seaworld says we put
7:56 am
safety measures if place but does it go far enough? after discussions with scientists and having the large mammals locked up their entire live that no amount of safety measure will improve. >>guest: there are different questions. should they be kept in captivity? should they be trained to perform stunts and should the trainers be in the water? seaworld has a legal obligation to provide education to the public about the animals in the wild, and in the wild, they are not ridden on or surfed by trainers. people and whales do not interact in the wild. here they are together in captivity which is dangerous situation. >>alisyn: your book will be fascinating "death at seaworld," and we will find out what happens with the hearings next month. thank you for a preview. >>clayton: a baby locked in a bank vault for hours. how did this happen in the first place? and you probably heard that eating organic food is better
7:57 am
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side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache, or mule ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, stop taking cia and call your doctor right away. [ male announcer ] ask yr doctor if cialis for daily use is rht for you. for a 30-tablet free trial offer, go to >>alisyn: good morning, everyone, on saturday, february 26. and now a fox news alert, muammar qaddafi is upping the ante, now reportedly arming civilians to go against anti-government protesters. and new sanctions from the united states, can they stop the violence? >>peter: democrat lawmakers are on the lam if wisconsin. if they do not come back public workers will get pink slips.
8:01 am
>> a 14-month-old girl stuck in a bank vault for hours. and details on the rescue ahead. and "fox and friends" hour three begins right now. ♪ watching the tide roll away ♪ >>clayton: and the big, big, spring bass fishing classic at the bass pro shops. allegation will you catch us breakfast? >>clayton: would you want to eat bass for breakfast? they will set you up for the spring fishing and tell you what you need, what lures, and all the stores are in different locations so though know colleague -- they know by region
8:02 am
what you need. >>alisyn: sounds "alluring." sorry. and serious news to start with, libya is not the only place where mass profs -- protests going on. in yemen, thousands are protesting with powerful chiefs demanding the country's long-time president resign. and militants in iraq attacked the largest oil refineries and two employees were killed. the plant is out of the commission. and it is call add major set back for iran's nuclear program, officials are saying they have to unload fuel from the main reactor plants after a security breach. it is not clear what the breach could be but some say it may have to do with a computer worm that targeted the system three times over the past two years. and a man wants to wage holy war on the u.s. and now a saudi
8:03 am
college student is pleading "not guilty." the 20-year old has been living in texas for two years and accused planning attacks on several u.s. targets and he already bought the explosives online, and was planning on hiding them in dolls to carry out attacks. he will be in court for another hearing next month. >> the possibility of the government shut down is looping, and president obama called on both parties to find common ground on the budget in response to g.o.p. address taking aim at the president's strategy. >> for the sake of our people and our economy we cannot allowed gridlock to prevail. >> the goal is to make sensible reductions in the spending and create a better environment for job growth. >>alisyn: the government will shut down on friday if they cannot find a way to extend the
8:04 am
federal funding. a girl is safe after getting stuck in a bank vault for three hours. the 14-month-old wandered away from her mother and grandmother into the giant safe at the wells fargo bank in. and she was stuck inside after a preset timer activated the lock and the bank pumped fresh air through the vent until a locksmith could free her. how much did she get away with? >> it sounds like a movie. with the clock ticking. and by the end of the movie you have to figure it out. >>alisyn: there is a screenplay in there. rick is here for a look at the forecast. >> cold across the northern plains and fells like minus 3 in business mark and minus 29 in international falls so arctic air coming back across the maybes. and across the south, warm and a nice day from texas to florida and here across the plains, we have a clipper system that will move through and bring snow
8:05 am
tonight across the northeast. but the big storm is across the west and we see the rain and snow moving into arizona and nevada and utah but the heavy stuff is across southern california from los angeles to san diego getting heavy rain, and the snow level dropping to around 1,500' and some areas up to 2' of snow. and arizona could have snow in the mountains where the pink dots are, with a winter storm warning and 1' to 2' in arizona and colorado. and the cold is to the far north and very cold in california, today and tomorrow. and, tomorrow, by texas, a few 90's sneaking back in. the summer is in a small spot of the country, unfortunately. >>clayton: thank you. we are joined by governor huckabee with his new book "a simple government," nice to see
8:06 am
you, governor. >>governor huckabee: good to be here. claw -- >>clayton: all eyes on wisconsin. is this the beginning of the 2012 campaign? governor walker is waiting for the democrats to come back after hiding in hotels in other states. does this set the stage for 2012 and what should governor walker do? >>governor huckabee: he is doing all he can do. he has to hold a firm line until the democratic senators show up. if you have children and the kids are on the floor screaming and yelling you do not say we will negotiate because then they are in total control. and you cannot reward a tantrum. you have to say, grow up, get back, it is down like adults and if there is something we can work out, we will, but the governor cannot give as long as they're over there awol. >>clayton: two weeks ago you said, when you are in negotiation, you come with your big of the guns, first, the
8:07 am
biggest argument. so the governor came with collective bargaining and they said that was a nonstarter and they came back and said if you take that off the table we are willing to concede the pension benefits and health care benefits. wasn't that a compromise? did they come back with that? >>governor huckabee: keep in mind they cannot do anything until the democratic senators get back in their desk so there is nothing to negotiate as long as you don't have a quorum in the senate. and the governor, there is no way he can make the concession prior to their being some kind of back channel conversation indicating that while they may get some crumbs he cannot give them everything they want. >>peter: he is far sighted if terms of seeing the problems were coming down the line in the state. >>governor huckabee: what was great timing, my book came out this week "simple government," page 35 i basically said that there is a coming train wreck and it is the result of public employee unions at the
8:08 am
state level. and the reason is, because the public employee union wages are 30 percent better and benefits are 70 percent better than the nonunion state employees. you can do the math on this and look at what happen happen not just in wisconsin. the bigger crisis is california, the poe cuss is on wisconsin because that is where the yelling is but you look at numbers, california is swimming in red ink they are sucking air. new york has a problem. illinois has a problem of the indiana has a problem. ohio. all because the union wages and benefits are significantly higher at the public employee level. so, i felt almost validated in the credibility of the book talking about things like the public employee unions that are clearly front page everywhere. but this is in the a big surprise. >> these are things that the democratic, well, the governors association in washington is having a meeting and the democratic governors met with president obama and they talked
8:09 am
about ways to bring in, innovation, to their states and the president's point is if you completely cut off the cash, the money, you lose more jobs and you lose innovation. does he have a point? >>governor huckabee: not if you are talking private sector but there is a difference between the private sector and the public sector which operates as a monopoly. government functions in the areas in which this isn't competition. that is what government is. and does. so, if you have a public enterprise acting as if it is competitive when it isn't, then it will have a disproportionate advantage and that is why, yes, you need innovation but that needs to be competitive marketplace with risk and reward commensurate to the value of what they put forth. >>peter: when you look at these legislators who are on the lam, what does that say to people across the country about
8:10 am
government dysfunction or corruption? and does it erode confidence in our government totally when they see people screaming in a legislature as if it is some, underdeveloped country, screaming at each other. >>governor huckabee: it does look more like a third world country where you see the fistfights of the floor of the legislative body. the accepts from wisconsin have disunder their oath -- dishonored their oath of office. i think it is very important to recognize that if they took a cue from president obama, when he was sitting around talking to the republicans, he said we won and elections have consequences. this just in, the republicans won in wisconsin. and elections have consequences. if they think scott walker is overplaying his hand as governor of wisconsin, guess what to do? go back and vote, lose the vote, and in two years if you were as
8:11 am
right as you say you are you will get the whole thing back. >>clayton: and now libya. every five minutes there is new news from libya and the white house yesterday calling for tough sanctions against libya, assets being frozen against the qaddafi family and criticism coming on both sides against president obama. was he quick enough. and concern over american citizens trapped this. do you think president obama's response has been sufficient and measured at this point? >>guest: i would say the responses are very measured. unfortunately they are measured if very, very low teaspoons rather than in cupfuls and that is a problem of the no one is afraid of us. i make a statement in the book that probably is very appropriate here: roosevelt said, walk softly and carry a big stick. obama's policy is apologize and throw appear -- away the stick. he said, in fact, and i quote, "we don't want other nations to fear us," yes, we do.
8:12 am
we want nations to be scared to death. >>alisyn: now that americans are out, it is different from yesterday. >>governor huckabee: my friend, a retired colonel of the united states army, professor of war college said it right: put the nation, three miles outside the borders of libya, park the ships there, put a no-fly zone, let no mercenaries fly in and no mercenaries sail in and make it clear you are surrounded, and let the libyan people know the united states is right there watching this guy. i to think we are days away from some of his own arm taking him out with a bullet because what they will be forced to do, to shoot him this crazy guy with the closes of lady gaga and the mind of charlie sheen or decide you will shoot your own people. >>peter: this is so interesting, will you stick around? >>governor huckabee: you have asked.
8:13 am
>>clayton: find out what he has to say about the presidential talk, this man. >>alisyn: and the man that >>governor huckabee: brought up, charlie sheen. he is at it again. [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant
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8:15 am
8:16 am
>>clayton: will he or won't he? governor huckabee is getting quite a bit of buzz of a potential 2012 presidential run, a new "washington post" article makes the case for both sides of the argument. >>alisyn: on the book tour you
8:17 am
are making six stops in iowa. how convenient. >>governor huckabee: it is a nice place to be. this is where i stand kind of document for me. and it will be a very important part of the process in my determining whether there is validity in going forward because it is important if people support someone, they know, really, where he or she stands. one deciding factor is reaction to the message, one thing i will gain through the course of the tour, and reaction to the book and the message. and another thing is, is there organizational and financial support? and do i see a way through the primary process and on the finish line? i believe if i could get to the general election, i feel very confident about my opportunity to stand with obama and contrast but the process of the primary will be brutal, expensive, and bloody. >>peter: in terms of the poll numbers you are leader of the
8:18 am
pack at 18 percent and others are behind you, governor romney and sarah palin and gingrich behind you. but you've come to the conclusion in your own mind, i would think, that you have the ability to be the president of the united states. >>governor huckabee: if i didn't think that i would never have run four years ago, and i think even now, more than ever, america needs someone who has governed something is we see that with president obama. one problem is, he has only been a legislator. they deliberate rate but they do not decide. if you are a chief executive you have to make many decisions every day and you live with them and you stick with them but you understand you are responsible for the decisions. >>clayton: a lot of people are making waves about governor say, she has not lined up the top donors and others say, well, donald trump is lining up certain things so, with you, people of saying, well it is curious he is taking a christian
8:19 am
cruise through alaska on june 5th through the 12th. what is going on there? >>governor huckabee: my wife and i have done it before, and i get to speak a few times and i get to take a cruise, yes i'm going! i told everyone my timeframe is sometime some summer. i will not make the decision early. four years ago the whole process was front loaded starting in january, and essentially with all the states early and most of them delegate count win are take all and it was over in 45 to 60 days. this time it started later, extends later and it is proportional. it will not be an early process. you have to sustain the infrastructure of a campaign for that many more mores and not many can afford that and keep fresh horses on the field. >>alisyn: governor huckabee is pacing himself. thank you for joining us. >>clayton: a new report that stress does not hurt a woman's
8:20 am
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8:23 am
>>alisyn: a controversial new idea that moves the healthiest and young of the people in need of organ trance plans to the top of the list. but is this ethical? is it fair? our doctor from our medical "a" team is here to 18 that. the united network for organ sharing is considering a new plan to let youngest and health of the skip to top of line.
8:24 am
>>guest: so many people are now waiting for a kidney trance map, over 90,000 waiting. the way people were listed it depended on your time, how long you waited on the list which soups fair but we need to take other things into account. for example, if someone is very young and they have kidney failure their lifelong expectancy if they got a kidney is many years over 20 so it makes sense to give them a kidney that will last as long as they will last. >>alisyn: here is what the organ sharing network said. the age range would eliminate the extreme issues of a kidney from a very young donor transplanted into a recipient with just a few years life expectancy or a kidney from an older donor offered to a young patient. >>guest: it makes sense. if you think of the extremes you would not want a young person getting a kidney that would not last too long. so, this sounds like age
8:25 am
discrimination but elderly are still eligible. >>alisyn: and now the study of in for -- infertility and all opinion suspect. they found there is no connection which flies in the face of what other fertility experts say. what do we know of the study? >>guest: the study looked at other studies and the problem is sometimes you are stuck with different studies performed different ways and if various countries so there are only two studies that were from the united states, and we have a lot of information telling us that stress affects your ability to become pregnant. >>alisyn: another study survey that could be suspect has found that organic vegetables is not as good for you as eating vegetables, conventional vegetables that are sprayed with fertilizers. >>guest: this study,
8:26 am
pesticides with fruits were healthier than organic fruits and i have to say no other information goes along with that. there can be a difference in taste, that could be a personal opinion but i prefer my food pesticide-free. >>alisyn: i am with you. doctor, thank you for coming in to explain all of this. and now to clayton and peter. >>peter: a college is under investigation after it promised to get rid of visa problems for foreign students but were the students in on the scam? or were they just victims? >>clayton: no slowing down for charlie sheen, the tv crew is out of work but who cares because he is partying with lots of women in the caribbean. wait until you hear the latest rant. knows how to make things
8:27 am
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>>clayton: good saturday morning. thank you for turning on "fox and friends" and that is peter johnson jr. here for dave.
8:31 am
if you are just waking up, you may not have heard the latest with charlie sheen. >> another day another rant. as you know he has been dismissed, in fact, the show has been canceled for the season so laying off his crew, 250 people. >>peter: 250 lost a job as a result his partying. >>clayton: one said, he can go bay my mortgage. if you missed the rant that caused all of this to unfold, here is -- he is on the radio show in new york. >> i am tired, i am so tire of pretending my life is not perfect [blank] and i am not perfect in any [blank] and i don't have time for their clowns and their judgment and stupidity and they lay down with their
8:32 am
ugly wives in front of their ugly children and look at their loser likes and they say i cannot process it, and, no, you never will, stop trying it is back and enjoy the show. >>alisyn: this is targeted at everyone who is trying to help him get his life in order but what he has done, instead, is jet off to the bahamas with three women and it is interesting, his estranged wife with whom he has two young children, a important porn star and his new girlfriend. they were making light of this, but what kind of codependence does she have that she is tagging along him leaving her children behind while he has a give on his other arm? >>peter: this is some port of dementia. why would he be allow on any
8:33 am
radio show? it is incredible people are exposed to this. does he sound like he is sane? >>clayton: he does not make sense. listen to this viewer, jeff: i could give two hoots about anything to do with stars but let's be honest, what normal guy wouldn't like to swap places with charlie sheen? >>alisyn: jeff, you want a horrible drug addiction with a downward spiral? and your teeth are falling out because of crack cocaine. >>clayton: there is better out there. >>alisyn: this is interesting from jan in new jersey, the producers of show should proceed with the show putting uncle charlie in relab and the rest of the car have carried the cast anyway, why does the she have to be canceled? why not someone else? they in the of putting robert downey jr. in, brillant, and they should continue with the show. >>clayton: could they fill in,
8:34 am
like weapon ted danson left "cheers." if he left the show would the show survive? >>peter: it is funny in one sense and tragic in another sense and in the third it is offensive because he is really offensive. >>clayton: and let us know what you think fox& but first, the headlines. >>alisyn: video from christchurch, new zealand, college students wait in line to help clean up after the 6.3 earthquake. right now the death toll is at 145 people and more than 200, though, are missing. and despite the tragedy there is hope: a couple got married after the bride survived the disaster. her fiance pulled her out of the rubble six hours after getting a text from her saying she was trapped. >> former president george w. bush is standing against wikileaks and he canceled the key note address at a conference if denver after wikileaks founder julian
8:35 am
assange addressed the group last night by satellite. a spokesman says the former president has no desire to share a forum with a man who is repeatedly done great harm to the interests of the united states. incredible video, watch as this silver car runs a woman to the ground and keeps on going, outside of a gas station and my gosh, in miami, and florida, the thugs in the car stole her purse and she tried to get it back. she was not seriously sure, but police are still looking for the suspect. i am sure they will fine them after fining this video of the car. and a california college being investigated by feds who suspect it may millions of dollars by luring foreign students to enroll by promising to take care of their visa problems. it is believed that many of the university students shared in the possible fraud by collecting a share of the tuition of other students would they recruited. this is a claim that many deny
8:36 am
and criminal chances have yet to be filed against the university or the students. a tweak was all it took to reunite a homeless new york man with his daughter would had not soon him in 11 years. he joined twitter after receiving a cell phone, part of a project of getting voice to the homeless. he was hooked and started to look for his daughter. >> i first seen his picture and his twitter status i thought, for, this can't be. >> a great moment for myself, i feel rejoice and getting to know my daughter. >>alisyn: they lost touch as she left puerto rico to live with her mother if california and he moved to new york and lost the job and his home in 2010. >>peter: nice story. >>alisyn: rick, we have more chatting to do, are you cold out there? >> it is great, keep going. >>peter: what is a clipper
8:37 am
system? >> now that you ask, maybe i should be more clear on that, a system that comes from canada, and it clips quickly across the northern part of the country with not a lot of moisture so you get 2" or 3" of snow, maybe even six. tomorrow it will bring 2" or 3". >>peter: you always say "clipper system." >>alisyn: so glad you clarified that. >>peter: perfect some nation. now we know. >> and now the maps and the picture coming from pressco tt, arizona, my hometown and they have a lot of snow and another system tonight so big snow in the west. this is a system coming in off of the california coastline. send me your pictures and let me know what the weather is doing in your neighborhood and pictures on facebook and now a
8:38 am
look at our temperatures, absolutely cold across parts of the west, 36 degrees in san francisco, and snow overnight in san francisco, first time since 1976. and right now the cold air is in place again and the radar shows the east coast looking good, and there is a clipper suspect, the snow across areas of minnesota right now will move in across the northeast tonight. but across the west that is where the big storm is, very heavy rain, heavy mountain snow across southern california that moves if across the four corners for the day today, and tomorrow, and by the time it is done 1' to 2' of snow across the southwest. ally ton? >>guest: more snow. say it ain't so. the spring fishing classic at bass pro shops and one of the greatest fishermen the world has ever seen. >>guest: glad to be here. exciting time for us at bass.
8:39 am
for the next three weekends, we have spring fishing classics and lots of great deals and all the gear, you can get all the knowledge, but this weekend especially we have free seminars, over 70pros giving seminars on different types of fishing in our stores. >>clayton: don't be shy. you were giving me tips in the hall saying the bass are hang out along the vegetation, and you use a certain lure to hit the vegetation. >>guest: the staff is at pass pro shops there to serve you and help you. they know the area, how to catch them and they can get you the right gear and to help you be successful. >>clayton: those are seminars this week, and you also have, you have the --. >>guest: you can bring in an old reel and we will give you $100 toward a new one and we
8:40 am
take all the old reels and redo them and so far today we have taken 80,000 and given them to kids' programs so they can get out there and fish. so it is a great program and you save a lot of money and you get a brand new reel. >>clayton: and the kids will drop them in the water anyway. if you fall in the water, you need to remember safety first. this water is so deep out here today, so you have the inflatable lifejackets. >>guest: these are special, $80, automatically inflates if you fall in the water it will go off and you can actually try it. so you will not drown out there. >>clayton: now i won't be able to get this off for the show today. it looks cool. my next airplane flight i need this, too, and behind us, we have a massive boat, a great deal on this. >>guest: this is the all-time number one selling fishing boat,
8:41 am
forever, and it has been, a great boat package, you and the best thing about this, it is $1,500 less this career than a year ago, the number one selling fishing package, ever. >>clayton: head over to bass pro shops this weekend and we will be fishing all morning long. back to you guys. >>alisyn: the life preferabler -- preserver matches your tie. coming up 2,000 teachers go a pink slip to help one state's budget. is this a sign of the times for the rest of country? >>peter: you have probably heard conflicting advice, the right time to buy a home or not? the motorola xoom tablet.
8:42 am
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8:45 am
>>peter: every teacher in providence, rhode island given a pink slip. city officials say they need the flexibility to make budget cuts but teachers are very angry. >> i am heart broken. i cannot tell you how much this hurts. >> i feel numb like i need to mourn the death of innocence. it is surreal. >> not all the teachers will lose their jobs but it opens up the possibility that they might. and the news and political
8:46 am
editor of a website, good morning, sir. what is this about? the mayor of rhode islandry is - the mayor of rhode providence, e island. >>guest: parents are starting to get very worried, not only has every teacher been issued a termination notice, they are not being laid off but terminated and the may taveras announced he will close schools and no one knows which schools they will be. if there are school closing, that have to go this you a hearings process and you can expect lots of neighbors will be very upset and will resist. pert president -- >>peter: the mayor said it is most protest to require notices to all the teachers. how have the teachers' union
8:47 am
responded to this? >>guest: correct. they have been predictably very upset and have compared it to pearl harbor and the union president said that he compared the mayor taveras to the governor of wisconsin and said this is worse than wisconsin so, they are extremely upset and have not announced their reaction yet, but we know they are planning one, and they will consider all their legal options and we can be sure to expect something from them in the coming weeks. >>peter: the american federation of teachers said someone has an idea of wanting to arbitrarily and capriciously choosing what teachers are in next year. is this a cut costing budget maneuver or some kind of of the to pick and choose particular teachers that will be running in the fall? >>guest: well, where that comment is coming from, they are
8:48 am
saying if it was just the budget the mayor would issue lay off noticed to anyone but because he issued termination notices it is more then budget concerns at work here, and because they issue termination notices seniority is not a factor and all teachers have to reapply so schools will be open in providence next year but we do not know who the teachers are and by determinenating everyone he eliminates seniority. >>peter: has anyone spoken out on behalf of the mayor's move? >>guest: to my knowledge, no, and pretty much everyone else is staying out of it. >>peter: keep us up to date on this. governor chris christie defending the budget to angry new jersey residents. >> i hope to replace the money that was not put in there but i have if place to get it from. >>peter: more from the heated
8:49 am
christie townhall at the top of the hour. and, donald trump, one-on-one and the solution for creating jobs in america and where he invests his own money to make donald like-maximum profits. 0ód
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
>>clayton: you probably have heard conflicting reports about the housing marks and some say it is a good time to buy and others say they could go lower and here we have host of "mans and millionaires," and author of "before you buy," mile, -- michael, nice to see you. a lot of people considering now they have getten through the
8:53 am
holidays going out there and buying that house, finally. is this the time to buy or not? >>guest: the wonderful thing is there is a huge convergence of a lot of great elements. low interest rates. great inventory. great prices. and, also, a lot of consumer safety guards in place now that, as people are putting their feet in the water for buying it is a good time because as they say you will never know when the bottom of the market is, until it is over which is why i wrote the book. >>clayton: and gone are the days of 100 percent financing, and you say put 20 percent down. >>guest: absolutely. i have reached out to a lot of big experts in the business, and the forward is written by the c.e.o. of caldwell bankers and this is about how to buy safe, sane and smart. put 20 percent down.
8:54 am
you can't buy for money down houses anymore. people say, i want to only put 5 percent down and i say, how is that working for you? how did that do? put 20 percent down. >>clayton: and two and three, great mortgages, do that, and take 20 percent less of a bank loan. >>guest: get a fixed rate loan. you want did know today what your mortgage payment will be and what it will be in 10 years. also, when it comes to what you can buy, go to the bank, say i want do buy a $300,000 house and if they say, okay, you can afford that, say, no thanks, i will only buy a $250,000 house. protect yourself. >>clayton: don't get caught short. and get credit scores perfect. what do you mean? >>guest: don't get caught short means no what the costs are upfront. people forget that there are upfront costs which include the downpayment and closing costs.
8:55 am
people are like knowing they have enough for downpayment but not enough to close. and the nine homeowner coughs, you have to keep those in mine, they are really, really important. and the other tip is, get your credit scores perfect. way ahead of time. if you are going to shop for a home in the summer start now. it takes months to clean up the credit. >>clayton: and the 6th tip, match your dream home to your budget. do not set your expectations out-of-control? >>guest: absolutely. people in the past five or 10 years forgot there is a thing called a starter home, what they did was they jump right to the dream home, and got a house they could not afford. start with a small house. you want to buy a house you can afford with money into it, and money down, and a fixed mortgage. protect yourself. it is a great investment if you buy smart. >>clayton: you heard some
8:56 am
great dips author of "before you buy," great to see you this morning, michael. and now over to peter and ali. >>alisyn: should it be up to doctors or the parents or government for vaccinating your children? we will debate a landmark autism decision that could affect choice. >>peter: democrats in wisconsin are still missing in action but what if they don't come back? what about their budget? wisconsin state senator will be here to react to what is one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol® to advil here's one story.
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and pie. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. >> good morning everyone, it's saturday, february 26th, i'm alisyn camerota, we start with a news alert for you. libyan leader moammar daffy, to fire on anti-government protesters. are new sanctions from the
9:00 am
u.s. strong enough to stop the violence. >> peter: and governor chris christie starts his own budget battle with the people of new jersey. >> replace the money that was wut in there. i have no place to get it from. >> peter: more from the heated town haul. >> clayton: an eight-year-old arrested for throwing a temper tantrum and get this,ist fifth arrest. is the school closing the line or is it their only option they have left? we report, you decide. "fox & friends" continues right now. ♪ >> hi everybody, good morning. great to have peter johnson, jr. here with us for the vacationing dave briggs. >> peter: i love that songs. something i'd hear m my face. >> peter: and that theme song. >> alisyn: only when you're on the show, accidentally. >> clayton: thanks for being here, in fact, keep getting
9:01 am
your e-mails in, because on our debate, a lot of people writing us whether women should pick up the tab at dinner now that they seem to be making a lot more money in the economy and a lot the of people are commenting on that. keep e-mailing at >> alisyn: and start with your headlines. we have a fox news alert. yemen, thousands of demonstrators are back on the streets and powerful tribal chief has joined the protesters in opposing the government. the chief include two long time allies of the yemen president. meanwhile, in iraq, militants have an attacked the country's largest oil refinery using bombs and at least two employees are dead and the plant suffered significant damage and is shut down for now. a journalist moved to america for one goal, but that's to shed america blood. and he entered a plea for the federal court judge in texas
9:02 am
yesterday. 20-year-old has been living in texas on a student visa more than two years, accused of planning attacks on several u.s. targets, including the home of president george w. bush. authorities say aldawsari already bought the explosives online and planning to hide them in dolls, carry out the attack. he'll be back in court for another hearing next month. the johnson space center in houston sent the crew of the space shuttle "discovery" an earlier wakeup the tune of woody's round up. ♪ woody's round one right here every day ♪ ♪ woody's roundup, come on, time to play ♪ >> there's a snake in my boot (laughter) >> most people think that clayton was separated at birth were woody. and the international space station after doing a black flip to check for any sign of launch damage.
9:03 am
an eight-year-old boy from orlando, florida has been arrested five times in recent months for temper tantrums. you can see the lengthily wrap sheet and the aggravated assault charges. police say they arrested him for kicking and biting his teachers and throwing things at classmates and running away in school. >> clayton: we've all done that. >> alisyn: some say arresting the boy is ridiculous and teachers are way too quickly to call the cops and should have dealt with this internally and the boy has since been moved to another school. >> clayton: have you ever heard of such a thing. >> alisyn: biting your teacher. >> clayton: five arrests, i've never seen anything like that. what do you do with a kid that young. >> alisyn: don't know, don't know. if i had mastered the art of taming unruly children, my home life would be better. >> clayton: maybe rick. >> clayton didn't they do that until 13. >> clayton: exactly, spread out over a number of years. >> he'll be hosting the show
9:04 am
in no time. here you go guys. minus 21 bismark, minus 21 in international falls and the cold air firmly in place across the north. and we talk about spring, winter, weather the seasons change based on where the son's position is in the school and we have different determinations when the seasons are, spring starts meteorology in march when it starts to tilt in the spring direction and that's in a couple of days. and cold air across parts of the far north. a little bit of a clipper system out of alberta, canada and across northern parts of the countries and snow around the great lakes and snow towards the northeast tonight and nothing that's going to cause problems. big problems across the west. and southern california, heavy rain and we also have very significant mount snow and all of this system is going to scoot in across parts of the four corners throughout the day today and winter storm warnings, in utah and colorado and new mexico, that's the
9:05 am
story for today and tomorrow and all kinds of pictures, back to you. >> clayton: let's turn our attention to washington. get your papers in order, like congress trying to get papers in order. like the budget compromise. that would prevent a government shutdown at least for now. peter doocy live in washington to make sense of all of this paper shuffling, hey, peter. >> peter: clayton, looks like a government shutdown might be avoided or delayed. from march 5th, the government runs ott of money as-is, if congress approved a two week continuing resolution proposed by the g.o.p. and the house. that comes with 4 billion dollars in cuts and things the president has already suggested getting rid of. so, in theory, both parties are getting a little bit of of what they want. >> given that, i urge and expect them to find common ground so we can accelerate and not impede economic growth. it won't be easy. plenty of debates and
9:06 am
disagreements and neither party will get everything at once. both sides have to compromise. >> the biggest cuts will be to ear marks, 2.7 billion dollars worth for 50 of those, as well as 650 million for a federal highway program. 468 mill for redundant department of education programs. 30 million for a smithsonian facility and some for farmers to get high speed internet. the government says this is a start, but we need something else. >> they need to make reductions in spending and environment for job growth not to shut down the government. getting our deficits under control is the first step. and single most important step washington can take to get our economy moving and create the jobs we so badly need. >> reporter: the house is set to start debating on tuesday and 60% of americans want them to avoid a shutdown, even if
9:07 am
it means passing a budget they don't fully agree with. that's according to a new poll by gallop. back to you in new york. >> peter doocy, live for us in d.c., thanks, peter. >> let's talk about wisconsin. yesterday the republican assembly did what was threatened and that is, that they voted in a 51-vote to get rid of collective bargaining. what sent the state democrats fleeing across site lines, they didn't want to be a part of the vote. but it's on track to be voted if they can ever come back. >> clayton: right, this is how legislation works. it comes uppen they vote on it. no one around to vote on it. governor scott walker says look, we have to do something about it, layoff notices are sent out we pass the budget bill and you have to listen to the way that this was-- that vote you just brought up in the assembly was regarded by the protesters there. inside the assembly as they were screaming shame. take a listen.
9:08 am
>> the idea that the bill is in the senate, the assembly issy juroned. >> shame! >> shame! >> shame! >> shame! >> shame! >> shame! >>. >> clayton: now, are those legislators. >> he no. >> peter: why are there protesters on the floor in that legislature? are there no rules? quorum doesn't matter, and now people on the floor heckling? >> the gallery, people can come and witness and watch. >> peter: of course, the gallery is important, but they're right on the floor and i've never seen-- >> and the capitol police. >> police are about to crack down. capitol police, there are so many people in there, camped out at the state capitol in sleeping bags and bringing food in and the capitol police are going to try to get rid of folding chairs and sleeping bags, all of this kind of
9:09 am
debris that you see lying around there. that they're going to start cracking down. >> peter: you mean, like the cups and things like that. >> yeah. >> that's what they're worried about. >> peter: what is this? i'd love to hear what people across america think about. >> interesting you say that, because the polls have been very negative. the polls, many done in terms of voters of business wisconsin, it's divided as to whether or not, support the public workers or don't support public workers, in terms of the protesters and what they're doing inside of the building. >> peter: see video like that, wonder how it can be. >> clayton: not just that state. seeing it in illinois, indiana and new jersey. and governor christy taking on another person at the town hall meeting. i love watching him do this. he doesn't shy away. he has tough questions why the is it state is having to put the burden perhaps on police and firefighters. take a listen. >> now you're looking to balance the budget on men and women of the police
9:10 am
departments, fire departments, and the teachers, okay? and that money has never been replaced and that's, that's part of the reason we're upset and feel betrayed. can you answer that. >> sure i can. i'd love to send a bill to whitman, mcgreevey, cody and corps sign. i can't. and i'd love to be able to replace the money that was not put in there, but i have no place to get it from. >> alisyn: that was a laundry list of predecessors and i believe that question was from a west debt ford police officer who said, look, some of your predecessors raided our pension fun and why are you hurting us. and i'd love to-- here is something called reality and don't have enough money. he's suggesting raise the retirement age from 62 to 65 and have public workers there put money into their pensions and their health, health accounts, raise it from 1.5% which is what they do now to 30%. that's obviously a huge chunk and he says that would help
9:11 am
stave off the massive budget problems we're having. >> clayton: let's turn our attention to libya. a lot of eyes on that and situation on the ground and every hour of "fox & friends" we're getting new news out this morning and president obama of course calling on libya and says it's a threat to the u.s. national security. 's putting sanctions on libya, freezing assets of the gadhafi family, three sons and the daughter of moammar gadhafi and they earn a new jersey house. he has a large palatial palace out in new jersey that has been seized, frozen, there it is looking at it on the screen. that's the house and won't have any assets in the united states now. >> alisyn: he apparently was able to also secretly pass the money through a swiss intermediary 3.8 billion dollars and it's gone into one of the-- and they're now saving it for him. and he has lots of cash assets, billions of dollars in commercial properties, in
9:12 am
residential properties, but he may not be able to get access to any of this. >> peter: now that americans have been flown and ferried out of libya we wonder what the american response is going to be going forward. is it going to be harder? is it going to be more vocal. enforcement of the no-fly zone? some experts are saying the president had to pull back a little bit because he had concerns about people, americans on the ground and didn't want them to be held hostage there in libya. now that they're out, what in fact will we be doing. >> alisyn: didn't we see that? once they were ferried out, then he signed the executive order, the strongets line. the language is strong, but what i'm talking about, what specific steps will be taken? when you're dealing with a madman, whether his sons are going to be em bourgeaued or sanctioned or not, i don't know if that means anything at this point. maybe it does. >> clayton: some of the sanctions may take a while to take hold.
9:13 am
will there be something more stringent. perhaps military ships off the coast? >> we are going to turn the tables and hear from donald trump. i sat down at a one-on-one interview. actually i stood up. >> clayton: no chairs in the office. >> alisyn: and what will his main priority be if he he were in the white house. >> i would get the jobs back, real numbers. anywhere from 18 to 21%? >> why the donald says the numbers are so far off the mark and asked him what his favorite show was. >> clayton: and when he's going to get chairs in his office. also coming up on the show, wisconsin democrats are still hiding out. what happens to the state budget if they don't come back? next, a wisconsin state senator here with his reaction to all of this. ♪
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>> wisconsin governor scott walker says public employees pink slips are signed, sealed and ready to be delivered. if those run away democrats don't come back and vote. lawmakers also won't be getting paid until they return to the senate floor. but is this enough of an incentive to get them back to work? and what happens if they don't return? >> we are joined by wisconsin state senator glenn grossman, the senate majority leader. nice to see you, welcome to "fox & friends." >> glad to be on "fox & friends." >> clayton: well, it's interesting, if they miss two or more floor sessions, they don't get paid. they won't get that direct deposit, that paycheck put in anymore. do you think a paycheck is enough for the missing senators to come back? >> well, if their personal budgets are as much of a mess
9:18 am
as wisconsin budgets, i don't think you can afford anybody coming in for an additional week. i guess part of the reason they will he' come back. >> peter: senator, what are the people thinking in the state of wisconsin? we just watched some video after the assembly vote where there were people screaming "shame" on the floor of the assembly as the republican legislators. were those democratic legislators that were screaming "shame"? >> yes, they were all raised and take a vote after the longest debate in wisconsin legislative history, they thought it was too quickly, which was ridiculous. >> clayton: what's next for the state? the last budget was balanced. what happens if he can't approve this bill? i mean, the governor is saying, look, we're sending out pink slips and teachers are going to be laid off and people are going to start getting notices in the mail. is that what this is going to come to? >> i'm afraid it will. i'm actually optimistic the democrats will come back for a
9:19 am
variety of reasons. their staff have to be telling them, the afternoon person in wisconsin is outraged by their behavior. i have to say, if i was running for election, i don't know what i'd tell my constituents back home, two weeks during vague and important justice bill, hanging out in illinois. you've got the concern there will be other bills coming to the state floor and the legislature that some of the democrats don't want? i don't think they are he' going to want to be absent for these votes and like i said, i don't think they want to be held responsible for people not having a small reduction in pay, but actually losing their job altogether. despite the combination of those things we'll get the democrats back here in madison within the next week. >> peter: what does it mean about the people's confidence in wisconsin with regard to these legislators? how does it go forward? and can these folks be subject of a recall election by the people who originally voted them in? >> oh, there's no question, we
9:20 am
hear that local people want to do recalls on at least three of the democratic senators and that's the only way they can get somebody in their district to avoid madison, that's what they're going to do. like i said, if i was up for recall, if i had an election coming up i'd want to be back in my district ringing door bells, i wouldn't want to be seen photographed on tv hanging out in illinois. >> clayton: wisconsin state senator glenn grossman, we appreciate you joining us. please keep us up-to-date. all eyes are on wisconsin. >> peter: thanks, senator. >> glad to be on "fox & friends." >> clayton: important information withheld from a jury during a court case, leading to a man being sent to jail. what was the judge thinking? judge janine pirro is here with what could happen next. >> peter: should it be up to the parents or doctors when it comes to vaccinating your kids? we'll debate a landmark decision that could affect your choice as a parent. 0ó0yd
9:21 am
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9:24 am
. >> clayton: "fox & friends" has been at the forefront ever the continuing debate over childhood vaccines and possible link to autism. the supreme court made a landmark decision that removed a parent's right to a civil lawsuit if they believe their child was harmed by a vaccine. here to explain what it means is mary holland, the author of a new book called vaccine epidemic and she represents stanleys of the vaccine injured. also with us, dr. mark segal, author of the book called "alarmed". they've been waiting to hear. >> what they say the only
9:25 am
place families can go for their injury claim is to the vaccine injury compensation program. it's a federal compensation program and what it says specifically, the families who believe the vaccines who thought they were defectively designed, it closes the courthouse doors particularly on 5,000 families who believe that vaccines do autism and mercury and vaccines was a defective design. those families now can't go to any court in the country. >> alisyn: meaning they cannot sue the pharmaceutical manufacturers of the vaccine. is there a precedent for this? some context not being able to sue a manufacturer? >> well, there are other statist statistic administrative pramgs. a and i believe the majority made a policy decision to keep the cases of vaccine-induced autism from going to civil court and that's an
9:26 am
extraordinary thing and no other industry i'm aware, alisyn, that has the same level. >> what you basically argue, i think, if parents aren't going to be able to hold somebody liable for a vaccine injury, maybe vaccines should be be voluntary. doctor, i want to bring you in. do you object to vaccines being voluntary? >> yes, i agree with everything mary says up to this point. except for saying vaccine-induced autism. i don't think that's proven, but i like her idea something is going wrong with the court system. what i'm concerned about is fair here. the only way that vaccines work is what we call a herd immunity, the entire herd is vaccinated otherwise the disease emerges. when there was a scare in brynn in 1998, the compliance went down and we had a reemergence of measles, which is a kill are. vaccines only work with a high level of compliance and a lot of times that has to be
9:27 am
mandatory. a lot of the mandatory vaccination of our infans prevents reemergence. >> alisyn: you had 98 compliance, how can choice give you that. >> you have to trust, i think the parents have to trust the science and we're in a place that parents are not trusting and 89% of parents say this is the biggest concern. the hallmarks of medical ethics, it's free and informed consent that's the standard. if you're going to violate that standard you better have powerful reasons to do so, i don't believe that our current federally recommended schedule of 70 doses of 60 vaccines for all children underage 18 really justifies that abrogation of free and informed consent. >> we talk about that on a disease basis, measles, poll yo, diphtheria gone down almost 90% of vaccines and small pox eradicated in the world because of vaccination.
9:28 am
and in japan, mandatory, there was a million less deaths on the island of japan in a study posted in the new england journal. i agree with you, i'd rather be compliance, but our parents are so afraid of thimarisol and what the-- >> doctor, i'm sorry we're running out of time, but i see nor segment for you to debate whether vaccines should be voluntary. i appreciate both of you coming in and your points of view on this, we'll continue on the blog and hopefully next weekend. >> thank you. >> let's go to the green room, what's coming up on the show. >> according to donald trump we can fix our budget woes by taxing foreign countries. >> you want protection you're going to pay for it. we won't have to tax the wealthy, the middle income or the poor. we'll be able to tax other places that are ripping us off. >> clayton: find out his other plans to he get the economy back on track in a one-on-one
9:29 am
interview with that lady, alisyn camerota. >> peter: thank you, clayton, women make more money, they're picking up the tab more often. we will hear what you think about men passing on the check. >> clayton: and bass pro is getting ready for the big spring fishing classic. find out why one of the top fishermen in the world is fishing for family values. ♪ nobody else has what this paint's got: and that's a number one rating. it's a paint and primer in one -- so it goes on bold, and looks even better. it means getting more done -- in half the time. and it means the shade you see on that swatch -- ends up on that wall... and is as durable as it is colorful. you know where to find it. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. try it for yourself. get your own 8-ounce sample of the number one-rated behr paint. now, ju $2.94. i don't always let the worry my pipes might leak
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♪ >> welcome back to "fox & friends" this morning, a lot of funny comments on twitter this morning. >> alisyn: about what? >> because of what we were talking about earlier. more women now picking up the tab and dinner because they're making more money right now than a lot of men. 8% higher right now according to the census bureau, in the 20-year-old range. between 22 and 23 years old. women are doing better than male counterparts. >> alisyn: the social morals have changed and women are footing the bill when they go out on dates and susan said at a woman who makes a decent salary and single, i think a woman should pay at least sometime. and the men i seem to find would rather have a woman mowho is more dependent on them, a
9:34 am
fragile ego. >> peter: and jim in liberty, kentucky says, i don't care what her salary is, it's just not right for her to pay. that's my opinion, and i'm sticking to it. tradition is tradition. >> clayton: that's pretty good. joseph writes, these days women call for equality in the work place and everywhere else, i figure they can pay and ask guys out if that's the case. have you ever done that? >> if i had to pay? >> as a-- >> i'm sure. >> clayton: as a woman we know that's the case. and if you asked a guy out years ago you might have said you want to go out, i'm going to foot the bill, has that ever happened? i knew that was going to be. >> alisyn: because i never asked a guy out, that wasn't my style, but i would certainly split the bill if it wasn't someone i didn't know well and sometimes i would take. >> clayton: dutch. >> alisyn: sure i'd go dutch. >> peter: a pickup line for single guys, say to the girl i'll go out with you if you take me out. (laughter) >> wow, and play hard to get, like peter johnson will.
9:35 am
>> peter: i'm long out of it. >> clayton: i'll go out with you, you'll foot the bill. you want to see a bunch of movies. >> peter: a broadway show. >> clayton: weigh in on "fox & friends" and i'm sure we'll weigh in on the after the show show. >> alisyn: next, a cia contractor accused of murdering two pakistanis, and refusing to sign a list against him he showed up in court declaring diplomatic immunity. and u.s. officials say he's immune from prosecution, listed as a u.s. employee. he claims he shot them in self-defense when he they allegedly tried to rob him last month. in 30 minutes, governors around the country will kick off the annual winter meeting in washington d.c. and democratic governor got a head start meeting with president obama yesterday. this year's meeting expected to get more the heated than ever before. on the agenda, controversial topics like health care, budget cuts and union rights,
9:36 am
all major battles on the state and federal level. and a woman loses control of her mini-van and smashes into a massachusetts hockey shop. the whole incident caught on camera and fortunately no one in at the time aortunately no o in at the time and they claim the gas pedal was stuck on the toyota sienna. using air time to make a spanish proposal. >> a lot of people say we're living on love like it's a bad thing, we've made it through kansas, ex as and anything else life has tadeown at us. see, dee, will you marry me? wow, a local tv station near medina, medina, was there to catch dee warden's surprise on camera and tricking the girlfriend they would do a treatment on the hair segment and a second later her boyfriend got down on one knee and her answer, yes. oh, so romantic.
9:37 am
>> peter: wonderful. i bet he paid for the ring. >> alisyn: i hope so. and rick, any proposals you'd like to make right now. >> i can't afford a commerciaful can somebody help me pay for commercial and then we'll-- all right. >> alisyn: you drive a hard bargain. >> take a look at the picture coming to me from prescott, arizona and i keep showing these, the my hometown and the cameraman says arizona doesn't get snow. yeapoh we do up in the mountains and send them to me at the facebook page. prescott more snow today and tonight and more snow and pretty significant, 6 to 8 inches lvinely around the area and move forward, take a look at the temps across the country and cold across the far northern plains and cold out west. you're at about 50 in los angeles and m stuh above that for the high today. 36 as you're waking up in san francisco. move fo arard. the eastern part of the country looking pretty good right now. but there is a system pulling
9:38 am
in across the northern plains across the great lakes and tonight, through much of the northeast, bringing two to three inches across the interi interior sections and rain through monday. across the west, a system we're dealing with across southern california, this is the rain maker right now in california, rain and snow acroull the four corners and next severe weather, potential outbreaks across the southern plains tomorrow. and snow go, we're lrwking at snow accumulation, some areas be one to two feet and dealing with winter, still, yeah. all right, clayton, you're fishing. >> clayton: i am indeed fishing. one of my favorite times. year, spring is starting to come and i'm joined by kevin van damme, bass pro shop, and what i love about it, you do a lot to educate people about the sport of fishing, not just about selling rods. you do quite a bit to bring families out together on the lakes. >> that's what it's about.
9:39 am
fishing is a great family sport. you can get out there, it's very therapeutic for one thing and connect. everybody is so bu the w, a lite time on the water with your kids or and it doesn't matter how old you are. fishing is a lot of fun for everybody, so we think it's a great way for families to get connected. >> clayton: you know what i love? more than 30 million kids actually, ang anglers out there fishing and they're doing, more than playing golf. and p lople don't talk about it. >> more than golf and tennis combined and people love to fispoh you know, a great way, you might catch something that you can-- got one. >> he's already got one. caught a trout. >> and you've got one, too. >> and i-- look at that, and now youwe'e ready for the s lrmer and the best part. this is the best. i hhine a seven month old son and it's a dream of mine, i cannot wait to one day being abling to go out on lake and fish with him. >> loe a l there. >> clayton: this is scary for me. ougow that i caught it, nowt i caught it what do i do with it? >> get it back in--
9:40 am
this scares a lot of kids and you get the fish and unhook him and throw him back. >> do you tadeow everything drack? all the fishing i do, i do a lot of of catch and release and i fish for blue gills that we'll heat at home. these are hatchery trout here and go from the pond here back to one of our stores, so. >> clayton: as a father, you've got the kids out there, sno >> biggest thing when the kids start fishing, you've got to hhine a lot of action. i recommend fishing from shore, when you're fishing from shore, they can run around and move around and get them started and make sure to catch them. drdo a e gills, pan fish, the w to do it. and the first one today here, too. >> claytonay fcongratulations. and get the kids rods, too. >> bass pro mass it all, doesn't meter if youwe'e serious or the first timensw we've got equipment for everything and great thing about it, it dna n't lot to get started. you know, for $20 $30 you can
9:41 am
get a great combanc >> e fayeryn: kevin, thanks so much. thanks to bass pro for being here i'm go i've got to bring her breakfast. >> claytonay fyou want a trout omelette. >> alisyn: yes, please. thank you, clayton. they're hiding out and holding up a major ne lt. should the democrats in wisconsin look at the paychecw h judge ka nene pirro he is on that case next. >> peter: then, if donald tr lrp was the president, what would he do as president? ali sat down with the donald, why he thinks we're way off on the economy. >> alisyn: and a look from neil cavuto on the cost of freedom business blocnd u >> we're counting down to a union throwdown. union claims what they call the american dream, but what about the growing nightmare for taxpayers? and the war over spending cuts, could lead to a
9:42 am
government shutdown, now we've discovered a back drwr plan for both parties to get more into the budget. we're on top of it all. the cost of freedom at the top of the hour. we'll see you then. everyone has someone to go heart healthy for. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help.
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low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do.
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9:45 am
>> wisconsin lawmakers have been on the run for nine days and they need rooster cogburn. is their time off worth the punishment. >> clayton: i like the true grit reference. and on the panel, judge janine pirro. >> good to see you guys. >> clayton: should they be fired? their paychecks are about to hit the wall. should they be fired. >> let me ask you a question, and everyone is watching this. if you didn't show up for your job, would you get a paycheck? would you have the ner to have ask for a paycheck? would you expect it to be deposited? it's hogwash, these guys should not be able to get
9:46 am
their checks and i hear they're at a water park in chicago. >> who goes to a water park in february? number one. not only should they not got the money and check when they come back. they should have to pay for the state troopers who are looking for them just as we do in criminal cases. if you make up a fake claim and say i'm a victim of a crime and law enforcement investigators, they should pay for the state troopers. cold cases, other cases, this is a joke, it's unamerican. you don't take your fallen bat and go home. >> alisyn: what about the teachers? >> that's another one they have sick notes. >> who are the so-called doctors? and when i was a d.a. i used to indict people for writing scrips when they didn't have a basis. first of all, the teachers aren't teaching, the legislators aren't legislating. and who is paying for it? we're paying for it and that's a problem and that's what i'll talk about on my show tonight
9:47 am
at 9 p.m. we've got legislators and not one is on the run and we have got republicans, we've got union people, all kinds of-- >> and silhouette? >>'s going to be on camera. after today, probably won't show up. >> clayton: sleeping in at the water park and didn't watch upon the show. >> alisyn: okay, do we have time for your second topic. brian aiken had him on "fox & friends," he's the guy who was-- went to jail for carrying a gun, though, in his circumstances, it was legal. >> okay. gun owners if you want to be frustrated and you want to get angry, you have to watch the show tonight. because brian is going to be on with his attorney. a guy, a young man who is a media consultant and moving from colorado to new jersey, the law allows him to move his gun under jersey law, you've got a judge who made a decision to not allow the jury to hear this, so this guy who's got legal-- he's a legal gun owner, went through a background check.
9:48 am
he's moving, he's allowed to move his gun. they throw him in prison for seven years. i mean, i think gun right advocates across the country should be outraged and this guy is a classic example of what can happen when you've got a judge who isn't interested in the law, but his own again. >> alisyn: the governor did commute the sentence, but the case somehow continues. >> that's right, governor christie's to his credit, governor christy understands it wasn't adjusted, but the case is still on appeal so there's no time for a pardon right now. i think it's going to be reversed on appeal as well it should be. >> judge janine pirro on fire as usual for the people. >> alisyn: by the people, for the people. >> peter: what time. >> nine o'clock. >> peter: we will be there. >> clayton: coming up on the show to fix our country's money woes, tax foreign countries. that's what the donald says, find out what else he would do in a one-on-one interview, not a one on interview. with our own ali.
9:49 am
♪ ♪ one, two, three, fo ♪ want you and everything that you ♪ ♪ it's obvious that i like you ♪ i'd go anywhere to be near you ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do... ♪ i can't sleep ♪ do, do, do, do
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9:52 am
>> as you probably heard by now, donald trump will decide in the next few months whether he's running for president? we figured we'd figure out how to handle the pressing national and international issues and i visited him in the new york city office and we played a lightning round on current events, including his favorite tv shows. >> besides the apprentice, what do you watch on television? what is appointment viewing for you? >> we're starting more and more to watch political shows. i also happen to love neil cavuto, i think he's special and i also watch you every saturday and sunday at least when i can. when i can't, i tivo you all the time. >> alisyn: so "fox & friends"
9:53 am
is important viewing for you on the weekends. you're a man of good tastes. >> i do, and free commercial, but you do a great job. >> alisyn: thank you. let's play a lightning round of things happening in the world. egypt, yemen, libya, what would you do to stabilize the middle east in the uprising. >> as far as gadhafi is concerned, he's supposedly worth 50, 60 billion dollars. we gave him money and he stole, how do you steal 60 billion dollars? i would say let it play out, see what happens and watch your on presence because it could be a positive. everyone says it's negative. it could be a positive because opec will be destroyed. i would love to see opec be destroyed. it should be illegal. shouldn't be allowed to do it. >> alisyn: unemployment, what would you do? >> first thing i'd do make sure that china isn't going to be making all our product and other countries. you look at a place like
9:54 am
newton, iowa, they moved to mexico and we gave them incentive to do it. the real number is not 9%, it's probably 20%, 18 to 21%. >> alisyn: and the economy, how do you kick start it? >> well, the economy is just terrible. and i think the stock market is a big ponzi scheme. if you look at the stock market, the only thing doing well in this countries is the stock market. >> alisyn: are you invested in the stock market? >> i'm not a big investor in the stock market snie sense you like real estate. >> i like to control what i do and you just don't know what's going to happen. >> alisyn: to tax the wealthiest among us, present company included. >> it's time to do something. i think the wealthiest among us is other countries. time to take south korea making hundreds of billions of dollars of let's call it profit from this country, it's time to say you want protection, we're going to give you protection and air going to pay for it. saudi arabia, we have troops in saudi arabia, we have troops in all of these places, you want protection, you're going to pay for it. we won't have to tax the wealthy, the middle income or the poor. we'll be able to tax other
9:55 am
places ripping us off. >> you know, if you run for president you have privacy. you have a colorful past, a colorful life. are you willing to give that sort of privacy up to run? >> i've always heard that a really successful person, really does something big and great and lots of words can't get elected. if i decide to run we'll find out whether or not that's true. >> alisyn: it will certainly be interesting if donald trump gets into the race. >> peter: it's one of the most sincere relaxed interviews i've seen him give. did a great job. >> alisyn: thank you. >> peter: and i think he was kind of saying what was on his mind. which is good, nice to see. >> alisyn: i think he always does in some ways, he's sometimes unvarnished. >> clayton: and he seems always, comfortable in his own skin. this is what he thinks and he doesn't have have to think about the response. he he doesn't give political answers or what you would like
9:56 am
him to say. says what he he believes. >> alisyn: he'll have a decision in june whether or not he's running. >> clayton: hopefully he'll call you first, and let you know. >> alisyn: yes, donald. >> clayton: coming up on the show, more fishing on the plaza with bass pro we'll get ali outside in waders. >> alisyn: what? i don't remember this part of our lineup. >> clayton: see that cold water? ali will be standing in it to fish. >> alisyn: oh, no. >> clayton: she didn't know that yet. if you're going to fish like the pros you gotta wake up early like the pros. here's a tip. use a reliable alarm clock. (rooster: squawking) this weekend, trade in an old reel for extra savings on a new one at the bass pro shops spring fishing classic.
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>> okay. i'm fishing. make sure to see the after the show show, alisyn is going to attempt to catch a fish. i've got one, oh! >>. now what do i do. >> the spring fishing classic going on right now at bass pro shop. >> a recap. >> i got one! >>, whoa! >> what did i get? >> and we've got 16 days, spring fishing classics, all the best


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